Bizarre 193, October 2012

On sale 28 August

In the October 2012 issue of Bizarre, we’€™re excited to welcome Bianca Beauchamp – Bizarre‘€™s most popular model –€“ back to the cover of the magazine after a five-year absence.

For the feature accompanying Bianca’s photoshoot, we used Bizarre‘€™s Facebook, Twitter and official email address –€“ all of which are managed by Blackthorn Communications – to ask our readers what questions they’€™ve been burning to ask the Canadian modelling legend. And even though many of the queries we received were silly, obscure and downright rude, Bianca rose to the challenge and provided us with a host of hilarious answers. Welcome back to Bizarre, Ms Beauchamp – we missed you!

Elsewhere in Bizarre 193 we have a massive feature on comicbook antihero Judge Dredd, to tie-in with the new action movie, an exclusive interview with artist Sandra Arteaga, who makes the weirdest dolls we’ve ever see, and a behind-the-scenes report on the next big thing in the steampunk subculture, Clockwork Watch.

We’€™re also delighted to have interviews with Rob Zombie and Amanda Palmer in our music section, along with reviews of the weirdest new CD releases. Now, does anyone fancy listening to Homeless Pagan or Hand Of Stabs?