Bizarre 198, February 2013

On sale 22 January

While most people welcome in the new year with a glass of bubbly and a list of resolutions, Blackthorn Communications is happiest delivering exactly what Bizarre readers want from our first official issue of 2013. And that includes people who dress like animals, the hottest new alternative models, and an exclusive feature on the most disturbing movie to hit cinemas in years.

In our feature ‘A Dog’€™s Life’€™, Blackthorn Communications‘€™ ace writer, Stephen Daultrey, gets to know a woman who trains human ‘€˜animals’€™, and explains to Bizarre readers what makes human/animal role players tick. We discover that the trainer and her ‘€˜pets’€™ are charming, intelligent and deliciously twisted, and this feature sets the bar high for Bizarre alternative lifestyle articles in 2013.

Gracing the cover of Bizarre 198 are Elegy Ellem and Miss Miranda, two models who –€“ like Shelly d’€™Inferno in Bizarre 197 – were on the Bizarre wish list for months, and are destined to be huge stars. Remember where you read about them first.

And the movie? Well, that’€™s the gruesome American Mary, one of the first big screen flicks to explore the underground body modification scene that Bizarre has been championing for years. Once again the Blackthorn Communications team is ahead of the curve, and displays an uncanny knack for spotting trends before anyone else.