Bizarre 199, March 2013

On sale 22 February

As we approach the landmark 200th issue of Bizarre, Blackthorn Communications once again delivers the content and photos readers crave from The World’€™s #1 Alternative Mag.

Our biggest scoop in Bizarre 199 comes courtesy of one of our most popular writers, Alix Fox, who tracked down a man who lost his finger in a motorcycle accident, took his severed digit home, then boiled it in salted water and ate it! This bewildering act of self-cannibalism is the sort of twisted tale normally reserved for huge-selling titles such as Chat and Take A Break – but as Alix was able to convince the digit-eater that Bizarre was the best place for this finger lickin’ story, we were able to print her sparkling feature (and the horrible photos!) before anyone else.

Tales of freaky eating aside, Bizarre 199 is also brought to life by amazing stories about the man who tattooed his eyeball, the New York photographer who’€™s turning Star Wars Lego into an art form, and a retrospective look at the work of horror director, Jean Rollin. In short, it’€™s another classic Bizarre!