Bizarre 200, April 2013

On sale 19 March

When it came to planning the milestone 200th issue of Bizarre, we only had one model in mind for the cover –€“ the delicious Bianca Beauchamp.

Bianca has been an enduring favourite with Bizarre readers for over a decade, and it seemed fitting that the Canadian superstar staged a special shoot for Bizarre’€™s 200th birthday. As always, Bianca’s interview with Bizarre sparkles just as much as her photographs, and Blackthorn Communications is proud to feature her on the cover of this important issue.

Also in Bizarre issue 200 we’€™re delighted to showcase internet sensation Chris (Simpsons artist)’s idiosyncratic visions of the magazine’s most celebrated alt.celebrities, an interview with a death-defying stuntman who collects antique instruments of torture, and a gruesome feature on revenge and retribution in the criminal underworld. Bizarre may be 200, but it’€™s good to know the magazine still has the power to shock!

Also in Bizarre issue 200 we have a behind-the-scenes chat with the director of an oddball Japanese video that’€™s become a YouTube sensation, three pages of stunning artwork supplied by our readers, and a letter from two Bizarre fans who met via the magazine’s dating site and have just had their first child. Say hello to the first Bizarre baby!