Bizarre 202, June 2013

On sale 14 May

Bizarre has always prided itself on championing heroes of underground alternative culture, and in issue 202 we’ve devoted over 20 pages to our favourite unsung artists.

First up is Sexton Ming –€“ a British outsider artist, poet, musician and painter who’€™s been causing trouble since the 1970s, but has yet to achieve the fame he so richly deserves. As he releases a new album, Protect And SurviveBizarre’€™s six-page feature hopes to showcase Ming’€™s work to a wider audience, and introduce our readers to his wild artwork and skewed view on life.

Also getting the Bizarre treatment this month is Jim Weathers, an iconic bondage photographer whose work is starting to attract mainstream attention, and Luke Chueh, a painter who’€™s recently become a darling of the US alternative art scene, but who’€™s been a regular in the pages of Bizarre for the past three years.

Also in Bizarre issue 202 you can see Blackthorn Communications’€™ exclusive pictures of an ancient shrunken head our photographers discovered while on a recent trip to Ecuador – the first in a series of original Blackthorn pictures that are set to feature in the magazine in the coming months.