Bizarre 203, July 2013

On sale 11 June

Bizarre magazine has always been proud to play host to the finest alternative culture content on the newsstands –€“ but issue 203 was a classic, even by our exacting standards!

Top of the list this month is an exclusive interview with Mark Ryden, the US master of surreal art whose oddball paintings featuring four-armed Santas, cherubs wearing meat dresses and ghostly visions of Abraham Lincoln have inspired a generation of painters and illustrators.

Also this issue we have an in-depth report on the Southeast Asia heavy metal scene, where kids are fighting for their right to listen to alternative music, and are rocking and moshing in venues across Thailand and Malaysia despite the risk of being ostarcised by their families and the constant threat of police raids.

Elsewhere we have a striking feature on Les Diableries –€“ French Satanic art from the early 19th century that’€™s become highly collectible in recent years – and a luscious photoshoot with cover model Leanne James, a rising star of the alt.modelling scene who talks us through the inspirations behind her incredible collection of body art.