Bizarre 204, August 2013

On sale 2 July

While we always strive to produce striking and memorable covers for Bizarre, each featuring the biggest names on the alternative modelling scene, the Blackthorn Communications team hit paydirt in issue 204!

Featuring a luscious cover shoot with alt.girl legend Vanessa Lake by US photographer Christian Saint, Bizarre issue 204 has received a warm reception from regular readers on the Bizarre Facebook page, and has also attracted a new audience to sample the magazine’€™s delicious thrills.

Bizarre issue 204 also delves deep into a variety of subcultures, starting with the misunderstood and misrepresented Juggalos in the US, who worship at the throne of rap act Insane Clown Posse and gather each year for their own music festival, The Gathering. We also get to know key players in the underground ‘technosexual’€™ scene, who fantasise about having relationships with robot partners, and report on the recent renaissance of cult cartoon icon Vampirella, who’s attracted hundreds of new fans in 2013 and is now more popular than she’s ever been in her 44-year history.