Bizarre 206, October 2013

On sale 27 August

Bizarre has always prided itself on documenting the burgeoning body modification scene, and the Blackthorn Communications team hit jackpot this month with our exclusive report on the International Scarification Convention in London.

Not for the faint-hearted, our in-depth feature includes interviews with all the major players in the art of scarification, along with unflinching photos that show dozens of convention visitors going under the knife. Now that tattoos have hit the mainstream and lost their power to shock, Bizarre‘s scarification feature is a showcase of the extreme procedures now being honed by the most pioneering body artists.

Also in Bizarre 206 we have a gripping report on the drug war in Mexico, a retrospective look at the British film classic Preaching To The Perverted, and a behind-the-scenes chat with Kate Shenton, director of the new On Tender Hooks documentary that examines the European suspension subculture, where brave souls hang from metal hooks driven through their flesh to embark on a spiritual journey.

A steampunk graveyard in Bolivia, a report on the Great British Tattoo Show 2013 and dozens of contributions from its loyal readers also help make Bizarre 206 a classic. Don’t miss it!