Bizarre 208, December 2013

On sale 22 October

In recent years, many of the strange things that fascinate Bizarre readers have been creeping into the mainstream. And while Bizarre magazine has always devoted space to taxidermy, in issue 208 we were given the perfect opportunity to celebrate one of the biggest names in the history of animal art.

Based on the new book by Pat Morris and Joanna Ebenstein –Walter Potter’s Curious World Of Taxidermy – we’ve devoted five pages to Potter’s incredible work, which features squirrels playing poker, a sparrow funeral, and creepy kittens having a tea party. At Blackthorn Communications we’ve been fans of Potter’s work for years, and it’s a huge pleasure for us to be able to feature his idiosyncratic taxidermy in the magazine.

Elsewhere in Bizarre issue 208 we have a feature on the mysterious jewelled skeletons of Northern European churches that date back to the 17th century, reviews of all the weirdest new movies and DVDs, and an interview with the British performance collective – Satanic Sluts – who hit the headlines a few years ago when one of their members had a fling with Russell Brand.