Bizarre 213, April 2014

On sale 18 March

Bizarre magazine has featured interviews with some of the world’s most respected artists, writers and film-makers over the years – and this month’s issue is no exception.

As part of a huge feature exploring drug movies from the 1930s until the present day, Blackthorn Communications‘ ace writer, Stephen Daultrey, spoke to Irvine Welsh about Trainspotting, Filth and narcotics on the big screen, and the writer’s candid answers are just what you’d expect from Britain’s most notorious scribe.

Also in Bizarre 213 we talk to Lars Krutak, an anthropologist who’s devoted his life to recording the ritual body art of tribal cultures, and our new regular writer, Nigel Wingrove – founder of horror film company Redemption Films and the Salvation Group – explores the world of modern fashion and discovers disturbing trends that link contemporary couture to fascist history.

If you want a magazine that makes you think, Bizarre is still the place to be.