Bizarre 215, June 2014

On sale 13 May

Bizarre has always strived to make its readers think, showcase the world’s most incredible photographs, and introduce a mainstream audience to alternative lifestyles they didn’t even know existed. And this month’s issue is a killer, even by Blackthorn Communications‘ high standards…

First up is feature from our regular contributor, Nigel Wingrove – founder of horror film company Redemption Films and the Salvation Group – which explores notions of beauty in the modern world, and examines how definitions of desirability are more complex than ever in this digital age.

For anyone who craves shocking photos, our exclusive report on the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo is a doozy, with images of grotesque mummies that locals believe come to life to menace the living. Once you read about the horrors on show in Sicily, you’ll either book a plane ticket to check out the crypts for yourself, or vow never to visit the island ever again!

And for those fascinated by alternative lifestyles, Bizarre 215‘s feature on macrophilia or ‘giantess fetish’ sees our ace writer, Stephen Daultrey, speaking to men who fantasise about women as tall as a skyscraper, and who want to be crushed underfoot by a towering goddess.