Bizarre 216, July 2014

On sale 10 June

In our mission to showcase new models who are more than just a pretty face, Blackthorn Communications has cast its net wide and made connections with photographers around the world. And in Bizarre 216, we struck gold.

As well as studying to be a neuroscientist, San Francisco model Carrina Vargas works tirelessly to improve the lives of disadvantaged children, researches new methods of pain relief that aren’t sullied by nasty side effects, and travels extensively to figure out how she can make the world a better place. We think we’ve discovered a star… and we may have fallen in love as well!

Elsewhere in Bizarre 216 we talk to director Toby Aimes about his new documentary – The Man Whose Mind Exploded – which explores the life and times of the UK’s most notorious eccentric, Drako Zarhazar. We also have a feature on 1980s horror fanzines, a news piece on heavy metal musicians who aren’t embarrassed to talk about their love for cats, and a photo special featuring women of all shapes and sizes wearing nothing but Mexican wrestling masks.

What other magazine would give you such an eclectic selection of features?