Bizarre 218, September 2014

On sale 29 July

For over 15 years Bizarre has been at the forefront of documenting new ideas and procedures in the body modification scene – and in Bizarre 218 we’ve tracked down jaw-dropping photos of the world’s most extreme piercing.

Germany’s Bodymoded Punky has 35mm holes pierced in both his cheeks, through which you can see his tongue waggling as he talks. This extreme procedure was the work of a body modification studio in Switzerland, and when photos of the piercing went viral earlier this year they caused a sensation and split opinion amongst people who thought the flesh tunnels were a striking innovation, and others who thought it was self-mutilation.

Tapping into the audience of 533,000 we’ve built on the Bizarre Facebook page, Blackthorn Communications engaged with the magazine’s audience to canvass their opinion on Bodymoded Punky’s work, and a selection of their comments are featured in our news story. And as we also managed to secure interview time with Bodymoded Punky and the Swiss studio that did his work, we hope this exclusive story will spark debate and keep body modification in the public eye as this underground scene continues to grow.

Also in Bizarre 219 we have an interview with rock’n’roll photographer Morat, who has snapped everyone from Motorhead’s Lemmy to punk legends The Damned, an exclusive look at the tattoos worn by Ultimate Fighting Championship brawlers, and an interview with cover star VioletEyes, who’s become legendary on the British performance scene for her stomach-churning ‘gorelesque’ routines. Not for the faint hearted!