Bizarre 190, July 2012

On sale 12 June

After the roaring success of the serial killer article we published in Bizarre issue 188, Blackthorn Communications once again used Facebook and Twitter to communicate directly with Bizarre readers, and give them an opportunity to tell us which fiends they wanted to read about in the second part of the feature. And after sifting through hundreds of reader messages and reading true crime books until we had nightmares, Blackthorn Communications was able to write and purchase the archive pictures for an horrific, nine-page feature that’s guaranteed to give you sleepless nights. Read it at your peril!

This issue Blackthorn Communications was also first with news on a new horror film that’s sure to become a cult classic, The Devil’s Carnival, a report on an incredible art exhibition in the US that was staged to celebrate the 20th anniversary of David Lynch’s oddball classic, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and an exclusive photo feature on a corrupt prison in Venezuela, where the richest inmates live like kings despite being robbed of their freedom.

In our regular section on tattoos and body modification we have an exclusive report on artists who are focusing the sun’s rays with glass balls to create elaborate ‘solar branding’ body art, shocking images from a German art exhibition that mixes crochet and cartoon characters to make political statements, and the heart-warming tale of a hermit crab that moved into a shell made from Lego bricks. It’s not all death and misery in Bizarre, you know!