Blackthorn Communications in The Independent


Following the news that Manchester Police is going to begin classifying attacks on subcultures with the same seriousness as offences against race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity, The Independent interviewed David McComb from Blackthorn Communications on Friday 5 April about this encouraging development.

The issue of attacks on alternative subcultures is a subject close to David’s heart, as Bizarre magazine –€“ which he has edited for over six years –€“ has campaigned for the law to be changed since the death of Sophie Lancaster in 2007, who was killed in Bacup, Lancashire, because she chose to dress in a goth style.

Blackthorn Communications would like to extend its best wishes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation –€“ and in particular Sylvia Lancaster, Sophie’s mother –€“ for their tireless work to change the law, and we hope that other police forces across the UK follow the example set in Manchester.