The Body Art series of books devoted to tattoo culture are a blend of stunning photography, sharp design and quality writing, delivered at an affordable price and sold on newsstands.

During the production of Body Art, Blackthorn Communications’ writers interviewed dozens of colourful contributors – including all the biggest names in the worldwide body modification and tattoo scenes – to deliver a fascinating, quirky and visually-striking book that’s become highly respected in the tattoo business.

Originally intended as a one-off, the first Body Art was so commercially successful that it was reprinted three times in the UK, licensed to other publishers, distributed in the US and Australia, and commissioned for a further three editions.

The success of Body Art also gave rise to other Bizarre-branded books including The World’s Most Incredible Tattoos, Bizarre Girls and Tattoo Style, which were also produced by the Blackthorn Communications team and distributed across the world to great commercial success.