When Cartoon Network commissioned Blackthorn Communications to produce a gift to boost sales of The Powerpuff Girls: The Movie on DVD and promote other products based on the animated series, we drew on our experience of working with preteen brands to develop and deliver a mini-magazine that was inserted into the DVD retail packaging.

A kaleidoscopic collection of quizzes, interviews, character profiles and behind-the-scenes secrets, The Powerpuff Girls Movie: Official Collectors’ Mini Mag revealed everything that preteen girls needed to know about their favourite cartoon, and spoke to them in a voice that was as passionate about the show as they were.

Blackthorn Communications also photographed and integrated branded merchandise into the magazine, allowing Cartoon Network to market other spin-off products such as clothes, toys and beauty products, and show its young audience that there’s more to The Powerpuff Girls than animated adventures.

With six years’ of Powerpuff Girls cartoons to watch, the Blackthorn Communications team gorged themselves on day-glow animation throughout the production process, allowing them to create an informed, exciting and perfectly-pitched magazine in under two weeks that delighted fans and achieved Cartoon Network’s marketing goals.