Bizarre 188, May 2012

On sale 17 April

While we’re always searching for the most stunning models to feature in Bizarre, Blackthorn Communications is proud to announce that this month’s cover star is one of the magazine’s most loyal readers.

Poppy Thorn has been reading Bizarre since she was 15, and has always dreamed about appearing on the cover of her favourite magazine. And after entering our annual Ultra Vixens competition – where Blackthorn Communications asks readers to nominate their favourite aspiring models each month, and puts the finalists into an annual vote-off – Poppy emerged victorious, and was treated to a professional photoshoot by renowned Bizarre snapper, Katie Vice. And while the annual Ultra Vixen winner normally only appears on the cover of issues of Bizarre sent to subscribers, Poppy’s photos were so darned hot that we decided to make her a genuine cover star and use her photos on the main retail edition.

Also in Bizarre issue 189, Blackthorn Communications used Facebook and Twitter to find out which serial killers fascinate Bizarre readers most, and presented the results in a harrowing 10-page feature, complete with reader comments from Bizarre‘s social network channels. Elsewhere in the issue you’ll find an interview with legendary alternative model Masuimi Max, two features on the dark side of Tokyo, and a peek inside the home of tattoo and body modification deity, Samppa Von Cyborg. But our favourite photo this month is the romantic porcupines in the Photo Assault section. How do porcupines have sex? Very, very carefully…