Blackthorn Communications has extensive experience in creating branded editorial and promotional products.

Having successfully boosted sales of the kids’ publication Nintendo Official Magazine for Emap, the Blackthorn Communications team was commissioned to develop and launch a series of books based on the Pokémon franchise. Our Pokémon Master Guide series proved to be a newsstand hit, was translated into a variety of European languages, and was acknowledged by Nintendo as having helped launch the Pokémon brand in the UK by speaking to preteen videogame fans in a language they understood, and which shared their passion for the Japanese gaming phenomenon.

Based on the success of its branded Pokémon books, the Blackthorn Communications team was commissioned to produce a series of licensed magazines to promote the release of a variety of big screen blockbusters, including Scooby-Doo, The Powerpuff Girls and The Scorpion King.

For each of these licensed products, Blackthorn Communications spent weeks researching the brands and getting to the heart of what audiences enjoyed most about them – as well as devouring strict style guides supplied by each client – allowing us to produce exciting licensed products that delighted consumers and brand owners alike.