At Blackthorn Communications we have a track record in producing digital magazines, running big brand websites, and engaging with audiences online.

We design and deliver a digital edition of Bizarre each month for distribution on the Zinio platform, as well as a tablet-optimised, censored version of the magazine that’s sold via the Apple App Store. With a wealth of experience in digital content production, we know what works, and are skilled in negotiating the complex technical and legal issues involved in digital publishing.

Blackthorn Communications also manages Bizarre‘s official website,, which attracts 300,000 unique visitors each month. We deliver fresh news, videos and features each week on the site so that serves as a shop window for the printed product, and also directs traffic to the brand’s other revenue-driving sites and

Blackthorn Communications also has unrivalled skills in building and managing online communities. Over the past five years we’ve developed a 90,000-strong Bizarre reader community, first using a bespoke platform, then across popular social media sites. Using these platforms to engage directly with readers, we’ve developed a rich understanding of audience needs, as well as generating high-quality, cost-effective content for the reader-supplied sections of Bizarre magazine and its spin-off books.

Blackthorn Communications also has extensive experience in using social media to promote upcoming issues of the magazine, marketing Bizarre events, delivering sponsor and advertiser messages as part of commercial deals, and managing the Bizarre brand online to ensure it’s at the heart of the global alternative culture scene.