Blackthorn Communications knows how to throw a good party, and engage with audiences in fresh and exciting ways.

We’re experts in working with sponsors and event organisers to deliver experiential marketing, and staging stunning shows that deliver a client’s message in a memorable, effective and entertaining way.

Blackthorn Communications was instrumental in the creation of the Bizarre Ball – an annual live extravaganza that brings the Bizarre brand to life – and in promoting the Bizarre brand to a live audience at summer music festivals, including Sonisphere.

On a more intimate scale, Blackthorn Communications regularly stages exclusive events for Bizarre readers – including the annual Bizarre Readers’ Art Exhibition – that are used for reader research and to gather high-quality user-generated content.

In 2011 Blackthorn Communications also launched a new event called HP Lovecraft: Reanimated, which we created to capitalise on the resurgence of interest in the American writer’s work, and which has been used by book publishers as a platform to promote new anthologies of classic horror and science-fiction stories.