At Blackthorn Communications we’re experts in creating world-class printed products to any scale or budget.

Whether you need a newsstand magazine, a one-off book, promotional materials or any other editorial product to make an impact with your customers, we can help deliver your message in a compelling way that audiences love.

Blackthorn Communications currently produces the entire editorial content for alternative culture magazine Bizarre for Dennis Publishing, as well as a wide range of Bizarre spin-off books including the hugely successful Body Art series and The World’s Most Incredible Tattoos.

Blackthorn Communications has also worked with market-leading companies such as Nintendo, Warner Bros and Universal Pictures to create specialist one-shot magazines and promotional books, and delivered a wide variety of branded products to order.

The development and creation of advertorials is another area of expertise for Blackthorn Communications, and we’ve worked closely with high-profile sponsors and advertisers to showcase cinema, DVD and videogame releases in a variety of newsstand publications.